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From South Korea's music game title DJMAX (Tap Sonic) finally land the Android platform, DJMAX music game is PSP platform very popular music game, in this game, you will feel music, and not just to the beat of the music to fusion and rhythm.
The game requirements:
-platform: Android 2.1 and above recommended Android 2.2); (
-support equipment, GalaxyS2 GalaxyS, GalaxyTAB, VegaX, Optimus2x, NexusS (other equipment to test, I didn't succeed).
The game features:
-all kinds of dynamic game options (speed/random/as decribed above);
-use the game options to adapt to different levels and preferences;
-each time Tap Sonic can earn playing Starpoints integral;
-Starpoints points can be used to buy other projects or integral nearly;
-all kinds of difficulty, to adapt to each one's level;
With more than 170 total-games, but also in song constantly update.

Download Instructions: