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ersion: 1.0.969
ALIEN OVERKILL puts you in the shoes of an action hero. Aliens are overrunning everything, from colonies to space ships in orbit, but not you. You are here to kick some serious alien butt, to drive 'em back to whatever hole they crawled out of and make 'em think twice about ever attacking mankind again!
? Use different weapons with unique death animations to vanquish the alien horde.
? Battle it out in uniquely themed arenas - from space ships and ice worlds to the depths of the alien hive.
? Test yourself against more than 50 different alien waves.
? Utilize an array of powerups, from forcefields to nuclear devices, to give you the advantage.
? Unlock 48 Achievements and compete in online highscore lists powered by Scoreloop.
? Enjoy a complete soundtrack of industrial rock and high quality positional sound effects.
? Experience dynamic lighting and shadowing.
? Flip your phone to flip the display - have your controls where you want them regardless of whether you are left or right handed.
The game supports multi-touch controls, but does not require them; the search or menu hardkeys can be used as an alternative for shooting on phones with no or buggy multi-touch support (e.g. HTC Hero, Nexus One, LG-P500, ..).
"Network communication" and "Phone calls" permissions are required for online Achievements and Highscores via Scoreloop. The game itself only requires "System tools" permission to avoid the phone going to standby while playing. The game collects no personal data at all.

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