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Version: 1.0.1
The challenging HD vertical space shooter strikes back, with better graphics and much more action.
Save yourself against the rage of the emperor and get your revenge done in a pure arcade/action space shooter.
Play to gain experience, collect gold to obtain more power-ups and unleash an extreme firepower.
Inspired by SHMUP games such as Gradius, Ikaruga, R-Type, Donpachi, etc..
Awesome graphics.
Superb music and realistic sound effects.
12 levels.
6 different planets.
6 deadly final bosses.
Loads of differents enemies ships flying in strategic formations.
Gather bonuses, lives and weapons upgrades.
Works fullscreen on Android tablets.
All screens supported.
Graphics stored in SD.
APP2SD supported.
Online leaderboards.
Support for Samsung Galaxy.
Support for Xoom.
Support for Zeemote.
Support for Tegra.
If you like All my enemies, Overkill, Wrath, Space War, Astral Commander or Aeolian Stars for Android, Try it!

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