Further Beyond Fighting 1.0.2 (Android)

Further Beyond Fighting, the award-winning fighting game for iPhone, now hits Android! “Great graphics, great characters and great fighting venues” (AppDictions). Having all this right at your fingertips, it’s only you and your opponent. Face to face!

• 3D game-play
• 8 merciless characters
• 4 stunning venues
• Detailed graphics
• Real-Time Injuries
• Undead Warriors: Play all characters as zombies
• 4 game modes: Arcade, VS, Survival, Training
• 3 different difficulty levels
• Individual moves for each character
• Up to 8-hit combos – freely combine punches, kicks, special kicks, defense moves, dodging and smashing
• Unlock new characters and features while fighting through Arcade and Survival
• Rumble (vibration), when your character sustains damage
• Online High-Scores in Survival Mode
• Autosave

All of the app’s characters are detailed rough and tumble, built to fight and win. Each with their own unique signature moves. Further Beyond Fighting is not for the faint of heart, as the action is fast and you must focus and react quickly to avoid injury.

Four game-modes and three difficulty levels will push your skills beyond their limits. Get better by receiving specific training-instructions, fight to unlock new characters and features and rule the global leader-boards.

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