Homerun Battle 3D 1.4.2 (Android)
HOMERUN BATTLE 3D ® – you guessed it! – a baseball game. This particular version of “America’s national pastime” can be played in two modes: arcade and matchup. In arcade mode you are playing against the computer whereas matchup mode let’s you play against real opponents from across the globe. Playing multiplayer is especially fun because you get to see which country your opponent hails from based on their national flag.

Regardless of what mode you are in, you start off the game by viewing the batter from behind (keep your naughty humor to yourself, guys). The ball gets thrown at you by the pitcher at varying angles, speeds and curves.

Hitting the ball correctly is tricky and difficult affair. Ideally, you need to be hitting homeruns every time your bat touches the ball. That guarantees the most possible points. Get the best possible result by smashing the scoreboard, which gives you additional “damage points”.

Here are all the types of points you can earn:

* Get hit points if your ball lands inside the field.
* Collect homerun points for every hit that makes out of the ballpark.
* Show your awesomeness by getting damage points for hitting the scoreboard.
* Receive bonus points for every consecutive homerun. 100 for two in a row, 200 for three, 300 for four…and so on and so forth.

Playing the game in arcade mode is a bit too boring for me because the pitches get pretty redundant. It’s not very exciting to be playing against essentially yourself and the high score rankings.

The matchup mode is where the real fun is. Here you are up against real opponents with real brains (at least I hope so :0). You have to reach a certain number of points before you can finish the game and a winner is proclaimed. Your points are displayed in the form of a colorful bar that fills up with every collected. On the mini-screen to your right, you can keep an eye on what your opponent is up to. Being able to observe and track the other player’s actions made me really competitive in this game. Just from seeing what your opponent is doing you can quickly tell whether you are up against a pro or a measly amateur.

Every win earns you 10 points on average. You lose about the same amount for every loss.

A really neat addition to this game is the fact that all online players get divided into specific classes based on their total number of points. Therefore you end up playing against people in roughly the same “weight category”.

In every baseball showdown you can golden balls (that’s what they are called, really). The more of them you earn, the more things you can purchase for your baseball player. Investing in a better baseball bat will improve your player’s batting strength and power. More expensive shoes, for example, give you better aiming. You can outfit your player with funny items such as a caveman’s bat.

Another good thing: with every new playing level there are new and exciting items waiting for you.

Once you like the game, there’s no turning back. I’ve become a real baseball addict and have been playing the game on a regular basis. With around 1300 points to my name, I rank around 350,000th worldwide which puts me in the “Slugger” category. I’m still a rookie so there’s definitely room for improvement.

4 stars for a fun and thrilling game with multiplayer!

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