Super Mario Brothers is really old-skool but that doesnít mean it cant be a lot of fun on your Android phone. Instead itís a lot of fun, this game covers up everything the original mario does on the SNES. Choose between Mario or Luigi and play through the levels, fight bosses and beat high scores! Have fun and enjoy this game! Click here to enlarge

Super Mario Brothers! Command Mario Or Luigi through Goomba Valley and Pipe City. Press your device back button to completely exit the game. Long press menu button for keyboard interaction.

User arrows, space, jump and crouch to navigate through the levels and the start menu.

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Recent changes:</p> * Added App2SD Card
* Minor tweaks and bug fixes

Copy the .apk file inside the archive to your phoneís SD Card, browse the SD Card via your phone, install the application.

Make 100% SURE you have Android 2.2 (and higher) and Adobe Flash Player from the Android market!


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