Touch Pool 2D v2.9f
Requirements: Android
Overview: Pool game, Touch Pool 2D, a fun and addicting billiards game for your phone!
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Still the Best pool game on the Android Market.
500+ 5-Star Ratings!

The magic of this pool game is that it has traditional pool games like 8-Ball & 9-Ball vs the Computer, but it ALSO has fun & unique ways to play pool for an endless amount of fun.

The following 12+ pool game modes include:

Single Player Pool Game Modes:
- First to 8 (free form)
- First to 15 (free form)
- In Order
- Solids First
- 8 Ball Last

Pool Games vs the Computer:
- First to 4 (free form pool)
- First to 8 (free form pool)
- 8 Ball
- 9 Ball

Challenge Modes:
- Run the Table (you can’t miss)
- Flick Challenge
- 3 Minute Challenge
- 5 Minute Challenge

Pool is a game that so many of us have played in our homes, in college, in bars and basements. Now you have a fun pool game in your pocket with Touch Pool 2D.

Recent changes:
+ First to 4/8 bug fixes
+ Fixed 9 Ball rules to re-spot 9 Ball when pocketed on foul.

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